B series RV type [Stepper Motor Driven]

B series RV type [Stepper Motor Driven]

B series RV type [Stepper Motor Driven]
B series RV type [Stepper Motor Driven]

Material of wetted parts

A. Pump head SUS316
B. Rotary valve Zirconia ceramic
C. Spacer PTFE、POM
D. O-ring EPDM, FKM, silicone, CR, FFKM, Kalrez®, BUNA
E. Plunger Low expansion borosilicate tempered glass, SUS316, zirconia ceramic
F. Nozzl SUS316, POM
G. Plunger Seal Outside: PTFE, UHMW-PE   Inside: EPDM, FKM, silicone, CR, FFKM, Kalrez®
H. Headliner PTFE, POM

*Kalrez® is a trademark or registered of E.I.Du Pont and affiliated companies.

Product Description

Suitable for constant volume dispensing of 5,000 to 50,000 cps at 0.05 to 20 cc.


  • Using a stepping motor for the HIBAR pump, the unit can be operated at a stable speed from low speed and resetting can be easily performed by quantifying each setting.
  • The drive unit and controller are separated, so it can be controlled away from the work environment and maintenance is also easily done.
  • Stroke and speed settings can be made using a personal computer or external control device (PLC).

Main Application

  • Gel dispensing for alkaline batteries
  • Dispensing of various adhesives and lubricants such as grease and oil
  • Uniform and fixed volume dispensing of medium to high viscosity materials
  • Slow-speed and variable-speed dispensing of medium- to high-viscosity materials
  • Application of epoxy resin as sealant, insulator, and various adhesives

List of Models

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MODEL (Model) Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Maximum dispense volume (cc)
Overall length Overall width Overall height
1BR2SDD 313 96 88 5.1 ~0.05
1BR3SDD ~0.11
1BR3MDD 322 ~0.23
1BR4MDD ~0.40
1BR5MDD ~0.63
1BR7MDD ~1.23
1BR10MDD ~2.51
2BR8RDD 350 96 94 5.5 ~3.22
2BR10RDD ~5.03
2BR12DD ~7.24
2BR14DD ~9.85
2BR17DD ~14.52
2BR20DD ~20.11

*These precision metering pump products are built under the technology license from HIBAR.