Seal-less type[Servo-Motor Driven]

Seal-less type[Servo-Motor Driven]

Seal-less type[Servo-Motor Driven]
Seal-less type[Servo-Motor Driven]

*When purchasing, detailed confirmation of the motor to be mounted is required.

Product Description

This specification does not use seals on sliding parts, ideal for the pharma industry, which hates contamination.
Also, this is a disassembled cleaning type that enables COP (Cleaning Out Place), and is suitable for periodic disassembled cleaning of autoclaves and other equipment.

Overview and Advantages

  • By using a servo motor for the drive unit, each setting can be quantified and re-setting is easy.
  • Constant running at low speed can be done.
  • The system can be easily interlocked with other equipment, making it ideal for machine builders who need to coordinate the entire system.
  • Customers can easily customize the motor and controller to suit their application.
  • By selecting motors that are easily procurable in the country of use, it is possible to reduce concerns about procurement of motors and control devices.    

List of Models

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Model Plunger Diameter Stroke Maximum dispense volume External Diameter(mm)*1 Weight*1
inch mm inch mm cc Width Length Height kg
2SRP-3 3/16 4.8 3/4 19.05 0.34 (90) (445) (130) 8
2SRP-7 7/16 11.1 1.85
2SRP-10 5/8 15.9 3.77
2SRP-12 3/4 19.1 1 25.4 7.24 (100) (460) (150)
2SRP-20 1-1/4 31.8 20.11

*1 Reference dimensions and weight excluding motor.

*These precision metering pump products are built under the technology license from HIBAR.