Seal-less type[Pneumatic Driven]

Seal-less type[Pneumatic Driven]

Seal-less type[Pneumatic Driven]

Product Description

The Pharma Pump for chemical filling has COP (Cleaning Out Place) capability for disassembly and cleaning, and is suitable for periodic disassembly and cleaning of autoclaves, etc.

Overview and Advantages

  • The seal-less design allows it to be used with any material
  • Seal-less structure with no check valve, plunger seal, etc.
  • The plunger rotates in sync with the forward and backward movement of it, switching between suction and discharge
  • High precision (±1% or less) dispensing accuracy
  • With high-precision machining, the clearance between plunger and sleeve is in microns
  • The pump head can be easily removed, disassembled, and reassembled
  • Liquid contact materials suitable for chemical filling: SUS316L, zirconia ceramic, silicon rubber (FDA approved type), in/out piping (PFA, etc.)

List of Models

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Model Plunger Diameter Stroke Maximum dispense volume External Diameter(mm) Weight
inch mm inch mm cc Width Length Height kg
2BRP-3 3/16 4.8 3/4 19.05 0.34 49.3 435.9 199.6 5.6〜6.5
2BRP-7 7/16 11.1 1.85
2BRP-10 5/8 15.9 3.77
2BRP-12 3/4 19.1 1 25.4 7.24
2BRP-20 1-1/4 31.8 20.11

*These precision metering pump products are built under the technology license from HIBAR.