H series RV type [ROBO Cylinder Motor Driven]

H series RV type [ROBO Cylinder Motor Driven]

H series RV type [ROBO Cylinder Motor Driven]
H series RV type [ROBO Cylinder Motor Driven]

Material of wetted parts

A. Pump head SUS316
B. Rotary valve Zirconia Ceramic
C. O-ring EPDM, FKM, silicone, CR, FFKM, Kalrez®
D. Plunger SUS316
E. Tube Polyethylene, PFA
F. Plunger Sleeve SUS316, Zirconia Ceramic

Kalrez® is a trademark or registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. and Du Pont Kabushiki Kaisha or its affiliates.

Product Description

Suitable for fixed volume dispensing of 5,000 to 50,000 cps at approximately 3 to 2,000 cc. The ceramic rotary valve design provides excellent durability. Pulse motor drive with servo control is adopted.


  • Using a pulse motor the drive unit, it can be operated at a stable speed from low speed, and resetting can be easily performed by quantifying each setting.
  • Data input and management can be easily performed on a general-purpose PC.
  • Settings and operation check of each pump can be performed from a PC. By connecting to a teaching box (accessory), data changes and operation checks can be easily performed on site.
  • The drive unit and controller are separated, so it can be controlled away from the work environment and maintenance is also easily performed.
  • The stroke and speed can be set by a PC or external control device.

Main Application

  • Precise fixed volume dispensing of high-viscosity materials such as grease and adhesives
  • Precise fixed-volume filling of high-viscosity materials such as ketchup and jam
  • Precise fixed volume filling of high-viscosity chemicals such as creams and ointments and cosmetic materials
  • Low-speed and variable-speed dispensing of various fluids

List of Models

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MODEL (Model) Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Maximum dispense volume (cc)
4H1-R∗-10DD 518 11.0 ~9.7
4H1-R∗-33DD 493 ~33.4
4H1-R∗-58DD ~57.0
4H2-R∗-19DD 569 10.5 ~19.4
4H2-R∗-67DD 518 ~66.9
4H2-R∗-116DD ~114.4
4H3-R∗-29DD 670 12.0 ~29.0
4H3-R∗-101DD 594 ~100.0
4H3-R∗-174DD ~171.6
4H4.5-R∗260DD 682 13.0 ~261.5
5H3-R∗-290HD 864 35.0 291.8
5H3-R∗-500HD 542.6
5H3-R2-1000HD 1013.6
5H6-R2-2000HD 914 37.5 2027.0

R*:(R1) In-line type rotary valve/ (R2) 90° rotary valve(standard)

※Overall length dimensions are those of R2: 90°ROTARY VALVE.

*These precision metering pump products are built under the technology license from HIBAR.